Monday, November 19, 2007

Star Party

Yes it was star party.

Venue: Lakeside parking lot of hotel sarovar.

Party animals: Me, Amit, Nilesh

Party time: (18th Nov) Midnight to 3 am.


Yes it was a star party. On 18th Nov. 2007 we 3 set off for the yearly star party of Leonid.
We took my car & went to Hotel Sarovar around 9pm, its near manas resort. Its a beautiful lake side hotel, a good place for friends to hang out till midnight. We stopped in between & purchased cans of Redbull (we wanted to stay awake whole night). Then we headed towards Hotel Sarovar, in 20 minutes we reached there.

Night was chilling, I guess it was almost 8 degree Celsius out there. Big camp fire was burning in a side of lawn & they had kept small pots & lighted fire in them,So it was really amazing. We had look at menu card & ordered Chi. Manchaw soup, paneer chilly & tangadi kababs. Meanwhile Nilesh opened cans & we enjoyed Redbull with delicious dishes. After we had good dinner. We spent almost 2 hrs & it was 11:30 in the clock. Star party was about to start after half an hour. We paid our bill, till that time almost all hotel was becoming empty.

We made our way towards our car to get our party gear out of car. We cleaned up some space behind car & started putting our bedding there. After all set up we lied down & waited for party to begin. After 15 minutes later Amit reported first meteor. Then I reported 1 more & then Nilesh reported one more. But all thought that other is bluffing :P then we all 3 people saw wonderful blazing meteor & we all shouted "oh my god its finally started...." then we saw around 30 meteors all together. It was really interesting. We were lying on ground in chilling cold besides lake. Its was pitch black & all stars were looking very bright like somebody have hanged diamond clusters over our head. with help of Redbull cans we manage to survive the cold & stay awake to see this wonderful scene.

Every thing have to come to an end & we all decided to leave the site & go home. Then I drived back all to home after 3 in morning as we all wanted to take some sleep & to go to work on Monday morning.
overall it was great experience hanging out with few very close friends in freezing night & out on ground :-), long drive on lonely & peaceful road, the tasty dinner & of course sky full of diamonds & most important Star party :).

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