Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Road Trip to Guhager - Hedvi - Velneshwer

Yes Our first ever long road trip to Guhager by bikes.

Chafal - Guhager - Hedvi - Velneshwer

Beautiful beach of Guhager

Scene at Guhager Beach

290 Kms from Pune to Guhager (Maharashtra)

Total Run:
702Kms 13Ltrs petrol.

26th to 28th Jan 2007

(Mumbai - Banglore Highway)
Pune - Satara - Umbraj (20kms before Karad) - Koynanagar - Chiplun - Guhager

Honda - Unicorn (150cc)
TVS - Apache (150cc)

My Unicorn

Nachya's Apache

Nachiket, Amit & Me (Vinit)

876 per head (includes petrol,food,living for 2 days)

Complete story:

Day 1 : 26th Jan 2007

We took Mumbai - Banglore highway.There are many routes to reach destination but we chosen above route for some reasons
1.Its shortest way to reach our destination Guhager
2.Half the distance is on the toll highway so excellent road condition
3.Road from Umbraj to Guhager is not much populated & also in best shape.

So we started in early morning on 6:30am. We set our speeds to 60Kms/hr, we took new katraj tunnel & bypassed old katraj ghat. By almost hour we reached to shirwal which is 60kms away from Pune. We had lil breakfast at famous "shri ram wada-pav" & again zoomed towards Satara. We took lil halt at Satara & then zoomed through "Khambataki ghat" towards Umbraj.
Khambataki Ghat is now one way & in excellent condition so we just crossed it within half hour.
To reach Umbraj we have to take left turn from Highway, then at Umbraj we had lil tea break. After break we headed towards Chafal.

Snaks at Shirwal

Chafal is situated just 20kms away from Umbraj & we have to take right turn from highway. All road signs are marked properly by road developers so new rider can easily find way to chafal. Chafal is famous for its Lord Rama's Temple. This temple was established by "Samartha Ramdas Swami".The temple is huge & its clean. Temple provides facility of parking, staying, lunch-dinner etc. Overall surrounding of temple is very nice & clean & is well maintained. Its coloured recently so t looks very nice.
Temple of Lord Ram at Chafal

After some refreshments & spending a hour at chafal we again took off towards Koynanagar. Koynanagar is resisdentital colony for emplyoees of Famous Koyna dam.Refer this link to read more about Koyna dam.

Koyna Dam

Koyna Dam

Me & Nachya

We took Lunch at koyna dam & headed towards Chiplun. after koyna nager we came across huge Kumbharli Ghat. Kumbharly Ghat is massive & it spans across multiple mountains. Turns are sharp & blind sometimes & trafiic is both way so we were very careful while driving. It took much time to cross Kumbharli ghat. Then road is almost straight till chiplun.
Mmm..... Misal Pav

We didnt had any halt at chiplun so we directly headed towards Guhager.Finally at 4:30 we reached Guhager. Then we took key for our room which was booked previously, dumped all our stuff in it & headed towards beach. We enjoyed sunset & snaks at beach. We went to Vyadeshwara's Temple. Its Lord Shiva's temple & is rennovated few years back. Temple is situated in center of town & worth seeing.

Sunset At Guhager

Amit Holding Sun

Day 2 : 27th Jan 2007

After tiring journeys of day1 we woke up late in morning. First thing we did was blast at beach. This beach was behind out hotel & is remote,so we were only 3 on beach :-). So we had lots of fun in cool & clean sea water & did crate 1 sand fort too.
Nachya, me & Amit with our fort

After coming back & bathing we noticed a problem Apache had oil leak due to breaking of oil seal at chain shaft. So we took off to a garage almost 10ksm away from Guhager as local mechanic was out of spare parts. Then finally after 2 hrs bike got fixed & we zoomed towards Hedvi & Velneshwer.
Oil leak in Apache

Hedvi is a small village & is famous for Lord Ganesha's Temple & Bamanghal .The temple is huge & clean, after visiting temple we headed towards abamanghal. Bamanghal is located on Hedvi's beach.However U have to take right turn at fork of Hedvi. Left turn takes u to temple & right fork to the beach. Hedvi beach is small & rocky so avoid swimming. Bamanghal is located behind one small Lord Shiva's Temple. Its a gap created by sea water in a giant rock. On high tides water comes rushing in the gap & creates almost 40 feet high water spray. So its worth seeing. Unfortunately we reached bamanghal on low tides so we didnt got chance to see the real beauty.
Lord Ganesh Temple of Hedvi


Velneshwer is also a small village & is famous for Lord shiva's Temple. Nothing much to see here except the beautiful temple. Beach is rocky so avoid swimming.
Dipmal outside Velneshwer Temple

After Hedvi & velneshwer we return to our hotel at Guhager & enjoyed chat & ice cream at beach. This beach is located in market place of guhager & is heavily crowded in weekends. Then we had dinner & went to beach behind our hotel. There we lit lil fire & stewed some potatoes & onions in it & had some songs & fun. Stewed potatos & onions were delitious.
Fire at beach side

Day 3 : 28th Dec 2007

2 days of ample fun was coming to an end. Its time to return home. So we wake up early in morning & had religious pooja of Lord shiva at Vyadeshwara's temple. After braekfast at 10am we started our return journey. As all locations were covered previously we were zooming towards Pune on same route. So finally we ended our day on 6:30 at CCD & enjoyed chilling litchi frappe & returned home happily.

Panaroma view of Kumbharli ghat

Panaroma view of mountains at Khed-Shivapur

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