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Destination Kashid


Kashid The Best near Murud. Kashid is located near 2 major towns Murud(just 18kms)& Alibagh(38 Kms). Kashid is famous for its White sand & clean water. Kashid beach is becoming famous these days due to its white sand.

Kashid Beach

My experience:

Me & few of good old friends (total 9 actually ;) ) had a nice picnis to Kashid on
14th Oct 2006. Members were (from left seating)me, pritesh, Nilesh, Sushant, (from letf standing) Bharat, Dharmesh, Amit, Parag. Makya was shhoting this photo :)

We all
So here is my experience about Kashid beach.
3 of us (me, nilesh, amit) started our journey from Pune other 3 were from Mumbai & 3 from Panvel.So we 3 started our journey by taking Alibagh bus (Morning 5:30am) from shivajinagar - Pune.

Nilesh & Amit outside our Bus

After 4 hrs at 9:45 am we reached Alibagh & then after that we had some breakfast with 3 more friends from Panvel. Then we took bus for Kashid at around 11:30am & we reached Kashid at 12:45pm. We realised that we are at Kashid beach which was 2kms away from our Hotel :p so we walked till hotel. Finally at around 1pm we reached hotel, then we all took shower (obviously not together :p ) & then had nice lunch. Actually we hired 1 bunglow with 3 double bedrooms & had plenty of space around.

Our Bunglow at Kashid

At Around 4pm we packed our bags for Kashid beach & we were there till 4:30. Immediately we went for swimming then after an hour we had lilttle snaks from small beach shops. Again we had some swimming & then some of us had few beers. Finally at around 8:30pm we again reached back to Hotel. Then we had nice dinner & me,amit,pritesh,parag,bharat went to beach :) & spent some time there & after returning went to sleep.

Next morning we again wento beach but just to roam around. We had long tour along the beach then had some snaks. Finally at around 12am we reached hotel paid the bills & started our return journy. Thats how we all enjoyed a nice weekend at Kashid.

Sunrise at Kashid

Important facts:
1.Sea is dangerous as it has many rocks which are hidden b sea water so avoid jumps.
2.Sea is not shallow at all so dont go far in water.
3.Sea water pull is much more in this area so beware while swimming.
4.Try to reserve rooms as it is remote place & weekends are always crowdy.
5.One may not get variety in veg food.

Nearby Places:
1.Fansad Sanctuary its very near(8 Kms) from Kashid. Its a deep forest & had some
wild animals & birds, Its mainly famous for Hornbill birds,various types of bugs & moths.
2.Sea fort Janjira at Murud(18Kms). Janjira is legendary fort built on small island in sea of Murud. Janjira fort was in rule of Siddi's & was never captured by any
other king.

How to reach:
I'll suggest to take personal vehicle (Bike or car) as it will allow u to quicly cover distance from ur hotel to beach.
You can reach Kashid by road way only.

Road way:
Name of stop: kashid beach (Kashid beach is 2Kms away from main Kashid village).

Mumbai - Kashid : approx: 135 Kms
Pune - Kashid : approx: 181 Kms

Take any bus to Murud,or even u can goto Alibagh & from there u can reach Kashid by local transport.Many local buses are available from Alibagh to Murud.

Through Sea:
Take launch from Bhaucha Dhakka till Revdanda, from Revdanda take bus for Murud. Through sea Kashid is just few hours away.

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